Have you or someone in your life had a pause in your life? In a sentence a semicolon represents a momentary pause. The semi colon earrings represents the pause (pauses) in your life. They aren’t the end. You are the author of your life story. The semi colon merely represents a pause. These were designed to support, uplift and remind someone in their journey that life is filled with pauses, often followed by beautiful stories. We also have semicolon necklaces. These hoop and disc earrings can be customized with the finish – rose gold filled, gold filled and sterling silver 20mm endless hoop earrings and the 9mm discs can be stamped with your choice of available stamps. You choose the symbols you want on the 9mm discs. The symbols include: semicolon, ampersand sign, donut, rose, lotus, cactus, mountain, mama bear, baby feet, rainbow, chick/bird, open book, paw print, butterfly, twinkle star, cross, awareness ribbon, star, big heart, regular heart, tiny heart, moon, infinity sign, pine tree, palm tree, sunglasses, sky scraper, pineapple, tent, rv, HOPE, beach ball, sandals, single wave, waves, sun, angel wings, treble clef, eighth note, double sixteenth note and Tourette Syndrome Awareness symbol, uppercase bridgette font letter, uppercase sans serif font letter, lowercase bridgette font letter, lowercase sans serif font letter, left plain, and hammered.