Today after I dropped my youngest off at school and got out of the car, the faint sound of a chirping bird caught my attention. The sound of birds always reminds me of spring. I stopped for a moment – looked at the snow and felt the cold 18 degree air and thought, but spring is coming. I walked into my house, put my purse down and thought, spring is always coming.⠀

Through some of our Chicago winters I’ve had times when I’ve thought spring would never come because it seemed eternally wintry. But, the truth is that spring has never failed to come. Sometimes it comes late, and sometimes it comes early. Sometimes it comes and goes, staying for only a very short time, teasing with our emotions hoping for the tantalizing warmth that comes on a beautiful spring day. But, in the end, spring has always come. It always comes.⠀

In life, struggles come and go, but spring always comes. If your day, week or this very moment is hard, and I mean really, really hard, I hope that you can hold on and remember that spring always comes. It has never failed me. Hold on and hope. ⠀

Your spring is around the corner.