”My Nanni (grandma) passed away. My friends ordered lockets for my twin & I from you. Thank you for offering this service. I absolutely love my locket 🥰⁠

For the first picture they got someone to draw from a photo of her when she was young. Then the other was from about a year ago. ⁠

We called her Nanni because she wasn’t a grandma, she was another mom. That’s something she always said.”⁠

Melissa with @twinpopshirtshoppe shared this with me a few months ago after her grandma passed away and her friends bought two of our lockets for her and her twin. The friends put the amazing pictures in the lockets for them. We can add photos to your lockets, but if you want to save a little money you can add them yourself, as well.⁠

I love hearing about the people remembered in our lockets and imagining for a moment what their life stories looked like because there are so many amazing life stories!