Lolo showed her mothers necklace to her husband after we sent it to her and she said his heart melted. It has all of their initials on it.⁠

This initials necklace represents their family and what they mean to each other. Around Father’s Day she and I were messaging. She said that her husband made sure when he took the pictures for the necklace he made sure each disc was showing and just perfect. ⁠

It makes my heart happy when I hear about the people we love supporting us behind the scenes every day – whether it’s a husband, partner, best friend or parent. I love hearing about the people behind the scenes celebrating and supporting you! ⁠

“When the days are long and the nights are weary, he still comes home and makes us laugh every single day. Thank you baby, you have been humble, you have been brave, and you have worked tirelessly to provide the best life for me and Liani! The little moments that you share with her always melt my heart. I adore how much you pour your heart into anything that you do with her. She is really Dada’s girl after all!❤️” @ohsnapitsloandli

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