Personalizing jewelry pieces that mean even more to you than the little letters I stamp onto each of your pieces, means so much to me.

I love the people I meet with my work. I love hearing your stories and your life experiences. I love hearing how you’re helping other people. I love hearing how you’re leading and how you’re following. ⁠

You guys have seen me share posts by @thatsbriannab. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from her and each of you that I’ve had the chance to work with.⁠

In a year where everything seems to keep changing and staying the same all at once, Brianna keeps pulling people a long – reminding us of the good, the bad and the beauty in change and hope.⁠

Our pieces are just little things in the big picture, but when sometimes things don’t feel okay, and sometimes they feel like they’re wonderful all at the same time, we’re here making little pieces that celebrate you, the people you love and the hope you have for the future.⁠

We have a wide variety of personalized jewelry that make great personalized gifts for the holidays. Brianna is wearing our square BLM necklace in rose gold on a 13mm thick rose gold filled square. You can pick the necklace length. We sell this same square necklace with initials in our initial necklaces collections, customized stamps like cactus necklaces, rainbow necklaces and even our semi colon necklaces. Our initial square necklaces make great bridesmaids necklaces and flower girl necklaces. Choose to have us stamp it with initials and a heart for to celebrate your relationship with our relationship necklaces. There are so many ways to wear our square necklace.

Thank you for the chance to meet you, learn about your stories, your goals, your families, your hopes and dreams and how we can all make this world a better place where we are.⁠ 🌎

Here’s to a beautiful weekend and hope for a beautiful world! ⁠
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