“I have purchased this locket now three times… I purchased twice for my friends who had miscarriages and, most recently, for my own. She was able to add a note of my own handwriting to one side and my baby’s ultrasound to the other.⁠
It’s absolutely beautiful. It means so much to me. It’s much more than a locket and this shop sells much more than just jewelry. It’s a treasure I’ll keep forever.” – Sharlynn⁠

I send out photo lockets with ultrasound pictures in them to announce someone is expecting to their mom and mother in law, give hope to someone who had trouble getting pregnant and is finally pregnant, or for someone who lost a baby early in pregnancy and they want to wear the locket close to them to remember the baby they lost before birth.⁠

I feel blessed to get to meet with so many women who share their life stories with me. The stories are all so different, yet we have so many dreams of hope and love for now and the future that we ALL share. Our goals and lives may look different, but in spite of everything going on around us in the world, ultimately we all want to find joy for ourselves and everyone around us.⁠ 🧡