When the littlest kisses are the sweetest! 😘⁠
I miss the days of the little baby kisses. That season of motherhood is past for me. ⁠

But now I’m greeted with the seven year old hugs that squeeze me so hard I almost can’t breathe, soft 10 year old hugs that are gentle and intentional, 13 year old goodnight hugs that include a conversation about the day, 17 year old hugs that are reminsicent of the two year old big hugs he gave me years ago, and 19 year old hugs that are just as quick, swift and excited as they have been since he could first hug. ⁠

Motherhood is filled with stages that change with time and experiences that fill you in ways you never imagined. ⁠🤎

The littlest kisses are the best part of young mom days and changing hugs over the years are some of the greatest gifts of motherhood.⁠

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