Just a little quick hello on this beautiful (but freezing) Friday morning. 👋

I don’t share the person behind GiGisPetals very often.

I’m Katie. I’m the fourth of seven kids. My mom had me when my oldest sister was 2.5 and my twin siblings were 11.5 months. I am sure I wore out my mom @jani_swagg when I came along. I was always moving and always talking. 🤪 I’ve loved playing and finding the fun in everything for as long as I can remember. I love seeing the people around me smiling.

I married my husband just over 20 years ago. His parents set us up on our first date. People say that means we were a prearranged marriage. 😍 I’ll take that, because it’s worked out. Mike keeps me laughing and grounded. We have five kids (ages 7 – 19, two boys and three girls). Our family loves playing games and talking too late into the night.

I am a mental health advocate. 💚 I had postpartum anxiety with two pregnancies (before that I thought it was just postpartum depression. I wasn’t dealing with that so I was clueless). Mike and I got a crash course in anxiety we weren’t expecting. It had some good to it, because we learned to work with the anxiety that is part of me – in retrospect has been for as long as I can remember.

💫 ME 💫

– I love playing games with my family.

– I love date nights with Mike.

– I love hearing my kids laugh.

– I love donuts – always did and always will.

– I love Anne of Green Gables and my Kindred Spirit friends.

– I love writing, but sadly don’t spend enough time doing it.

– I get distracted unbelievably easily but sometimes like this side of me, because it keeps life adventurous.

– I believe I am an extrovert, but struggle with social anxiety.

– I feel things really big, which means my empathy meter is on overdrive. It also means a lot of things make me laugh easily.

– I love candy that gets stuck in my teeth – a good hard carmel makes me smile.

I started GiGisPetals when my 10 year old was born – the second time I struggled with postpartum anxiety and Mike and I decided it was time to do something for just me. I found I love being creative more than I ever anticipated and have met some pretty amazing people through GiGisPetals. 🤎