My friends and people at the markets we attend, always ask me what our number one sellers are. Year after year, our number one sellers are always our photo lockets.  Our lockets make the perfect sentimental gifts filled with pictures of kids, pets, parents and memories that truly make them the perfect remembrance gifts. Lockets are a way to carry your treasured memories with you every day.

Over the last two years we’ve increased the number of gold filled and sterling silver lockets we offer, in order to have heirloom lockets that can be passed down from generation to generation, making them gifts that keep giving over and over through the years.  Gold filled and sterling silver lockets and jewelry will not flake off or rub off.  Gold filled and sterling silver jewelry is also hypoallergenic, making them the perfect option for anyone sensitive to the metals found in plated jewelry.

We are able to add your photos to your lockets, making them gift ready the second they arrive in your mailbox. Feel free to message us with any questions regarding photos. We can often edit most photos in order to make them fit into the lockets.