Create the perfect beach necklace to remember your favorite beach or to give as a gift to a beach lover. Choose from all of our beach stamps (or any of our other 9mm disc stamps) and your preferred finish (rose gold filled, gold filled, sterling silver), as well as the number of discs you want to create your one of a kind beach necklace. Our 9mm discs are the perfect size for anyone. You choose the symbols you want on each disc. You choose the symbols you want on the 9mm discs. The symbols include: semicolon, ampersand sign, donut, rose, lotus, cactus, mountain, mama bear, baby feet, rainbow, chick/bird, open book, paw print, butterfly, twinkle star, cross, awareness ribbon, star, big heart, regular heart, tiny heart, moon, infinity sign, star fish(not pictured, yet) pine tree, palm tree, sunglasses, sky scraper, pineapple, tent, rv, HOPE, beach ball, sandals, single wave, waves, sun, uppercase bridgette font letter, uppercase sans serif font letter, lowercase bridgette font letter, lowercase sans serif font letter, left plain, and hammered. *If you choose an initial and don't leave the font you want used, we will use the Bridgette font.