Our simple photo lockets in rose gold, gold, and silver at just about 3/4 an inch across are the perfect dainty locket for just about anyone - bridesmaids, best friends, mothers and mothers in law, daughters, grandmothers, teachers, coaches, and flower girls, or even a little treat for yourself. You can choose to have us insert one or two photos into this locket, or you can insert photos yourself at home. At about an 3/4 inch across and on a dainty chain, it's our most versatile sized locket - it can be worn shorter, longer, in between and on just about any age. It's the perfect locket for so many people and so many occasions. At checkout you can choose a silver, rose gold or gold plated locket on rose gold filled, sterling silver, or gold filled chains. The plating on this locket is a very thick plating and will last for years to come. You can choose as a stamped circle disc or heart tag in rose gold filled, gold filled or sterling silver. At checkout, you can choose the initial or heart you want stamped on the disc/tag, and you can choose to have the tag just hammered without an initial or heart on it. Photos can be added to this locket. We will size, print and insert up to two photos you purchase for this locket. If you purchase the addition of one or two photos you need to choose one or two photos in the drop down and then upload photos. If you choose one photo, we will add one photo. If you choose two photos, we will add two photos. You can add up to three photos, in case you are concerned that one of the photos will not work. Please leave a note letting us know which photo(s) you prefer to have used first,as well as any other specific instructions. *PLEASE NOTE THAT PHOTOS SHOULD HAVE AMPLE BACKGROUND IN ORDER TO BE PLACED INTO A CIRCLE.* *With lockets, please be sure to close them carefully and try not to "force" them shut in order to maintain the locking closure remains functioning properly. **Photo lockets and lockets with stamped tags are nonrefundable. Add an extenstion chain. See our other gemstone necklaces. All of our necklaces are made with lobster clasps.