“Have you ever seen when it rains AND the sun is shining at the exact same time?! (Swipe over to see what time talking about).

It’s one of the coolest things to witness because it doesn’t feel like it should be possible but it is!

I believe in the power of the word AND.

Did you know you can hate living in a pandemic AND still love your life?

Did you know you can hate being a mom AND still love your kids more than anything?

Did you know you can be in a really dark, heavy place AND still find joy and peace?

Did you know grief AND joy can co-exist?

The power of the word AND has been a big life lesson for me for the past couple years. I had to get it on a necklace to remember that it’s okay to feel upset about something AND remember that God is still in control.

Rain AND sun can co-exist. And when you can take a step back and watch that phenomenon take place, it actually ends up being a really beautiful thing.

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Thank you Aubrey for the beautiful reminder. As a Mom and just as a human being I need to hear this – all the time. Things aren’t always easy because rain always comes in our lives, but there is always an “AND” The sunshine always comes.

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