With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time for photo lockets for gifts for her or even for him. Over the last year we began adding more sterling silver lockets and gold filled lockets for heirloom lockets. We can add the photos for you, or you can add them yourselves.

One of my favorite things is getting to chat or message with buyers about the photos in the locket. I hear incredible stories about the people, pets, events or memories they put in the photo lockets. I find we often have a lot in common or can learn from each other. The one thing I find, though, is that most of us enjoy being able to talk about the people, pets and memories that mean the most to us.

If you have questions about photos that will fit into lockets or photos that won’t work in lockets, send me a message, especially if you’re interested in getting a locket with pictures in time for Valentine’s Day.