Love is … almost 20 years old at our house.

It started with notes and secret kisses when no one was looking, holding hands whenever possible and staying up all hours emailing back and forth, because we didn’t have texting, yet. Yes, we’re that old.

Love was dreams of accomplishing anything we could dream.

Love turned into sharing the diaper changes, rocking crying babies into the early hours of the mornings, moving to new places together, painting a house together, being patient when we didn’t want to be patient and apologizing for the times when we weren’t patient, but should have been patient.

Love is staying up late to chat about our days, because late hours are the only uninterrupted times for chatting. Love is figuring how we’re going to get the kids to a million places at once. Love is changing jobs and wondering if it will be okay. Love is working together to help a teenager with their homework late at night or picking up a disaster zone house filled with kids’ shoes, backpacks, Legos, dishes and unfolded towels, when we’d rather be in bed, getting much needed sleep. Love now includes wrinkles and future college tuition bills.

But, love is still holding hands and dreaming of big things.

Whatever love is for you today, whether alone or with someone, I hope that your day is joyful and filled with love. What does love look like for you?