Porch, baby, and nature envy all in one picture.⁠

Your sweet little ones are why we make our initial necklaces – whatever way you want them. ⁠

We celebrate the sweetest parts of your lives with our 9mm disc necklace. We can make them in rose gold filled, gold filled, and sterling silver. We stamp each disc with your children’s initials for the perfect mom necklace. We can stamp them with your initial, your husband’s initial and your kid(s) initial(s) for the perfect family necklace. Or, send us your three initials and we’ll stamp an initials necklace just for you.

If you’re having true porch envy after seeing this picture (BECAUSE I KNOW I AM), hop over to @kristinekirstein to find where her mom purchased things for her porch through Kristine’s @liketoknow.it account.⁠

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