Most Monday mornings I sit down at my desk to think about what I want to get done for the week.⁠

What I really want this week is just a few warm days in the sun. We had a lot of subzero days last week, especially with the windchill. 🥶

When I wake up to these freezing cold days, sometimes I just want to stay snuggled under my covers. ⁠I can’t change the weather, but I can change my perspective.⁠

Lately I’ve been trying to think more about how I can change my perspective to enjoy whatever circumstances I’m in. Recognizing the negative thought is always the first step to changing my response. ⁠

Here’s to a snowy, cold week that supposed to be a little warmer than last week.🤞

I’m hoping it feels sunny ☀️even if it’s still freezing outside! ❄️

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